Shaanxi Zhongtuo Mining Equipment Company

About Us
Shaanxi Zhongtuo Mining Equipment Company in Chinese focus on high-quality mechanical equipment and construction products for more than 20 years. We started from a small business,Website:, has become one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Chinese construction equipment industry. Today, the Zhongtuo of mining equipment has been one of the main producers of high-quality bridge equipment and mining machinery products, such as bridge stretching equipment, downhole drill series, steel processing machinery, rock splitting equipment, grouting equipment and ground processing equipment.
Products and services
granite rock splitter;piston rock splitter;ultra-large rock splitters;Intelligent Prestressed Tension;intelligent tensioning equipment;colloidal grout mixer;hydraulic strand jack system ;Flat Jack Lock Nut Cylinder;Hydraulic Stressing Jack; Mono Strand Pulling Jack;hydraulic electric oil pump;Anchor Extruder for Post Tensioning;strand pusher machine;post tension anchor;Multi-Holes Anchorage;Hydraulic DTH Drill;Crawler Mounted Anchor Drilling Rig;Electric DTH Drill;air leg rock drill;pneumatic roof bolter;Dual liquid Cement Grouting pump;Pneumatic Injector Pump;Grout Injection Pump;upset forging machine ;Straight thread rolling machine;spiral bending machine;Rebar cold extrusion press machine;character of reinforced bar forming machine;Automatic feeding shotcreting machine;Automatic wet mortar sprayer;Dry Shotcrete Machine;BW150 mud pump well ;BW250 Triplex Mud Pump;ceramic plunger mud pump;beam bending machine;U type bracket arc bending machine;hand held scabbler;concrete floor scabbler ;electric concrete scabbler;scarifying machine;concrete floor grinding machine.